Range Hood: A Canvas for your Kitchen


Current design trends are turning range hoods into a kitchen focal point. This increase in a desire to showcase a homeowner’s style calls for a bigger need in designer and custom applied finishes, created specifically for the taste of the client. The degree of customization is not only determined by the homeowner’s taste, but also in the size of the budget. Depending on the design, a custom range hood can cost up to $20,000. This can be a scary number for some homeowners, and likely out of most kitchen renovation budgets. Fortunately, there are options to make that high-end look much less expensive, keeping that luxury style, but making it more affordable.

Though there are many options currently trending in range hood styles, we’ve decided to focus on some of our favorites.


From stainless steel to strapped iron, the metal look is super hot right now. Genuine metal range hoods are beautiful, but they can also be pricey and may be difficult to customize. However, if it is the metal look that you want, many finishes may be replicated using specialty finish products applied to wood. By choosing to recreate a metal finish, instead of using genuine material, you can dramatically reduce the price.

silver leaf hood
This range hood is guilded with silver leaf.
steel hood 2
A close up of a recreated steel finish.

In addition, using paint and specialty finish products allows for a higher level of customization. Perhaps you want to match your range hood to your existing kitchen hardware or to a specific color palette. By using a custom, designer applied finish, custom matching is a possibility.

textured copper hood
This textured copper range hood is customized to work in a warm design concept.



This recreated concrete range hood is customized to the homeowner’s specific taste in color and texture.

Lately designers are thinking outside the sidewalks with concrete. The brutalist and minimalist look of concrete inside the home provides a clean and contemporary look. We are seeing concrete floors, walls, and even decorative objects. It is only natural that we are seeing it as a range hood as well. Though this looks allows a lot of freedom in terms of texture and movement, the problem is it’s not always feasible to hang a chunk of concrete from your ceiling. let alone, the difficulty of creating the piece itself. Once again, the solution is to create a look that is similar to concrete, but is much lighter, making it easier to work with. There are specialty products available exclusively to finish artists that have an unmistakable concrete look.

Custom concrete look range.

Much like working with recreated metal finishes, working with a concrete substitute allows for a higher level of customization as well. An endless range of tints and textures are available.

If a concrete or metal look isn’t what you’re into, the range hood possibilities are only limited to your imagination. If you’re looking for something custom and unique reach out to us today. Our specialized design team with work with you to help create a custom range hood that is as unique as you are!


Transitional Hood with Handmade Straps and Nail Head Detail
This transitional range hood is customized with straps and nail heads.
Steel Hood
 A replicated black steel range hood.
A two-toned textured striation finished range hood, custom matched to the white tones in the tiles and cabinets. 




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