Modernizing Historic Elegance with Silver Leaf

Nestled deep in a historic district of Grand Rapids, MI a beautiful 1930’s mansion fell victim to neglect. A new owner with an eye for contemporary design chose to completely rehabilitate this house to fit his contemporary taste. A key feature of this house is the large dome that steals the focus as you walk into the elaborate foyer. The dome is two stories in the air and loaded with elaborate plaster detail, a testament to its age. To adapt this once shabby dome to the contemporary theme of the house, a team of 5 worked over 75 hours to cover the dome with shabin style silver leaf by hand. The end result is a stunning masterpiece of reflective silver surface to catch the light thrown by the large modern chandelier to be later installed.

Metal leafing can be applied to nearly all surfaces and comes in a number of colors, making it adaptable to any design concept imaginable. We would love to hear about your gilding projects!

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