Custom Finishes aren’t just for walls!

We all know that custom faux finishes can be applied to walls and ceilings, but did you know that decorative finishes can be applied to almost any surface in your home? Adding custom design work to an unlikely place just may be the finishing touch that your room needs! We have been working hard to adapt our finishes to a variety of household surfaces. Here are a few of our favorite projects!


mica backsplash 2
Here we added a custom mica chip finish backspash to a bathroom vanity. This was chosen in place of a quartz or tile backsplash. Do you want this look? We can design a backsplash just for you with easy ship and install!
mica backsplash
A close up picture of a custom mica chip finish backsplash.

Outlet/switch plate covers

outlet covers to match walls
This custom handmade finish was created to match this Trufig magnetic outlet cover to the penny tile backsplash.
switchplate for bathroom
A matching hand painted switch plate with raised paisley design aligned to wallpaper design


reptile finish door
This door has a custom designed “Reptile” finish.
Mica and Frosted 15-lite interior door for privacy
A mica and frosted 15-lite interior door for privacy.


Existing knobs were updated with mica.
These are our Glass Bead and Mica Chrome Knobs. They are available for purchase in several color choices. This one is white silver with silver flecks. We also offer white gold with gold flecks.


Picture Frames

frame finished to match pillows.
The frame has been refinished from a dark wood that was too heavy for the pretty white space to a customized taupe plaster with white overlay to soften the look and match the pillows.


Black, Gold and Rust color finish with black mica insets FP.jpg
This fireplace has a black, gold, and rust color finish with black mica insets.
My FP surround mica stone finish over tile
A custom mica stone fireplace surround over existing tile.



Hand Painted and Finished Italian Reproduction Custom Built Vanity
A hand painted Italian reproduction custom built vanity with a multiple layer finish technique.

Range Hoods

Custom Stone Look Range Hood with custom made straps and nail head detail
Custom Stone Look Range Hood with custom made straps and nail head detail for a transitional design style.


Counter Tops

Custom Counter Top Finish - over Black Granite for Faux
This custom counter top finish was applied over preexisting black granite in blues and greens.


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