ArtPrize 9 Exhibition Large 2D Wall Panel Installation Artwork

The makings of “Perceive”: A Large Artwork Panel Installation at ArtPrize 9 Exhibition.

When the owners at Craft-Revival Jewelers asked career artist Diane Hasso to create one of her seascapes on their tall, rather large showroom wall for ArtPrize 2017, Diane was up for the challenge. ArtPrize in an annual art competition that attracts visitors and artists from around the world to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although this isn’t Diane’s first year participating in ArtPrize, this year presented some new challenges. Diane had her work cut out for her.

bella beach
Diane Hasso’s 2016 ArtPrize 8 entry “Bella Beach”

Challenges and goals were:

  1. Create the look and feel of an eye catching and appealing modern seascape with the colors the owners wanted
  2. Get the look and style of Diane’s art
  3. Limited disturbance and mess for the retail setting
  4. Reduce Diane’s time away from the studio
  5. Create an appealing overall design aesthetic that works for the large wall and retail space
  6. Introduce Diane’s artwork for interior panel applications on acrylic and glass substrates

The solution, create panel art that could be created with Diane’s method and materials of
epoxy resin and mixed media on custom cut acrylic panels in Diane’s studio, and install at a later date.  Diane began the hands-on process after presenting the concept and creating a color and composition sample on the acrylic substrate she’d be using, 1/8” polycarbonate, and getting approval from the owners at Craft-Revival.

Here is the concept sample:


After doing the sample art, Diane knew the overall scale of the design needed to be larger and spread further on a larger plane. The process for resin art is very complex and tedious. The piece must be completely level and composed of several layers.

panel 1 process

Due to the large size Diane had to work in sections, often letting the previous section cure before going over it again.

first layer process shot panel one

panel 1

There are an overall 4 layers, and more layers than that in some areas.

panel 2 process

panel 2

Diane has developed some secret techniques through experimenting with combinations of different mediums with the resin.

detail shot

Once the piece was completed it had to be carefully transported and installed at the venue.



After some finishing touches this massive piece is ready for display.

in progress

textural shot

installed at craft revival

Come see “Perceive” in person at Craft-Revival Jewelers, 16 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI. To vote for “Perceive” download the ArtPrize9 app and use voting code #65372. You must be at ArtPrize to vote. For more information about “Perceive” visit More information about ArtPrize9 voting can be found at


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